• I offered m y opinion as requested by Mr. Cameron.

    I wrote: “Now, if you offered a fully translated version without having to buy add ons separately and offered, say a two or three year product life with free updates and support at a reasonable price (meaning what the market will bear), I would reconsider.

    “For the time being I’ll continue with SimpleInvoices which I can run on windows desktop does most of what your product does, and is FREE. There is of course a hosted version for linux which is $USD10.00 monthly for hosting, support, and updates.”

    Here’s his response: “For now I’ll continue to build a product that a lot of others enjoy and provides for my family (since you expect shit to be free).

    I never said that I expect &%@6 to be free. What a horribly rude response.

    If this is how Mt. Cameron treats potential customers, well….you get the picture.

    He did apologize, but was insincere.

    Mr. Cameron please note: using vulgarities is NOT a way to gain paying customers.

    UPDATE 21 FEB 2017:
    Dan published my private email and only removed it after reporting his abuse to wordpress.org. How can you trust Dan when he publishes a potential customer’s private information and uses vulgar language with that same potential customer.

    Dan also deleted posts from this thread and closed it to further replies. That’s not being honest, is it?

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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Thanks for the review. I’ll try to address all of your concerns too.

    State dropdown
    The states are countries are filtered by these two filters respectively: sprout_state_options and sprout_country_options

    However you could simply create a custom invoice and estimate template as well.

    Default items
    This is a feature in the paid version.

    Checkout the customization documentation for Sprout Invoices

    I’d be happy to accept your translations, I’d offer a large discount for the paid version for any full translations too.

    Here’s a blog post you might be interested in that talks about translations and how to get involved.

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll check out the customization shortly and reply back.

    It’s going to be at least 6 weeks for me to do the full translation as time is short, as always. It’ll be Spanish, but for Mexico. Will reoly here when it’s completed.

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