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    WooCommerce works perfectly with the plugin. Other issues have been resolved. I look forward to this added opportunity to add another revenue stream. I also thank the developers for using WooCommerce, which I had heard of before but I am now really utilising it for creating packages for sale on my website.

    • This topic was modified 3 years ago by unifyuk. Reason: I got a response in the end following on from adding a review. I did not receive a response and I had ticked to state that it should notify me of follow-up replies, this is now been rectified. Thank you
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by unifyuk. Reason: I have downgraded my original rating again because the developer changes things and it then causes the backend not to work properly - it's ridiculous!
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by unifyuk.
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  • Hello @unifyuk,

    I have found the support thread you have posted on our website. There, our support staff mentioned that you have might have enabled both WooCommerce and EDD integration. That is why conflict might be happening.

    The email notification might have landed in the spam folder. Here is the thread link for you https://www.themeum.com/forums/topic/cant-add-product-to-course/
    Please continue the discussion there.

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    I always check my spam folder and no it did not land there. However, this has been resolved due to my escalation of this issue and all is well so far. Thank you.

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    Developers you really need to check that when you upgrade the product that it shows how the product has changed. There never seems to be a seamless transition on the upgrades. All products on the course are shown as free and there is nowhere to ensure that the course is connected to a paid-for WooCommerce product as in the previous upgrade. This is so ridculous. Get it together!

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    Hello @unifyuk,

    I apologize for the issue. I believe you have missed our email notification, blog post and changelog mentioning that there is a new setting for monetization somehow.

    Please navigate to Tutor > Settings > Monetization and select WooCommerce and your courses will be back to the paid state.

    I am really sorry that you had to face a problem which is a major issue for any site. Even in this twenty-first century, no software will be perfect and updates might break things. This is why we have a dedicated customer support team to help you.

    Please do not give someone a bad rating just because you have faced a problem. Talk to customer support, post on the .org forum and allow them a chance. If they fail to offer you proper help, you can surely post a bad review after that. You have the total right to express your anger and frustration but only after consulting the plugin author. The plugin author deserves the chance to help you before he gets a bad review which can hamper his business.

    I really feel threatened when I see a bad review. It feels like someone is holding a knife on my throat and asking to help him. This is not how I am used to offering support to WordPress users.

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    This is not the first time I have had a problem with Tutor LMS – your communication needs to improve. I have used hundreds of plugins with WordPress and done several updates none of the plugins causes this much problems that has an impact on my business. It is completely unacceptable. There were no blog posts or communications that I received. The only way I get a satisfactory response is to post on here. Perhaps this will serve as lessons learnt.

    Can you please come to our website and share your issues on the live chat? We are online now.

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