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  • Wouter


    Initially, I was a complainer! I guess it is fear driven…
    From today, 7 August 2018, I will try to do my best embracing change.

    After weeks of learning some new stuff and changing some code with a theme I have been building for a year now, things seems to be working fine.

    Current 07.08.2018
    Clean Install – WordPress 4.9.8 running Jasou – Car & Bike Showcase theme.
    php 7.0.10
    Gutenberg 3.4.0

    My Theme:
    5x CPT’s
    8x Taxonomies
    5x Different Post Layouts (Index)
    5x Different Post Pages each with different layouts pending Customizer changes.
    7x Homepages & other pages – Different layouts with radio buttons within Customizer.
    Many custom functions & other.
    Very extensive Customizer layouts that targets everything. Customizer also has different radio button layout options for every section, Post, CPT’s, Page & more.

    … My point is …

    After minor changes here & there, everything seems to be working correctly. My blog pages are displaying the way I CSS’ed them as well as my pages, post index and so forth. Image alignment within the blog posts itself are a bit off, but I will be working on my own solution. My blog index pages are displaying exactly like I coded them.

    I did not have to change anything with Custom Post Types and/or taxonomies, they are displaying correctly. My meta-boxes are all hard coded in regards to my custom post types, no issues there also. All my Customizer settings are working as well. I can even target my blog post & page still the same.

    The site also loads a lot faster especially the Customizer.

    Conclusion for Now:
    Maybe Gutenberg is just a skin overall as it seems all my theme code is working the way it should, I don’t know. It is also not difficult to work with. next will be to create a custom block for the posts. I will still we using meta-boxes with CPT’s. Custom Blocks maybe for post only.

    I will be testing my theme extensively & report back again.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. Feedback matters so much to this project, as do the people like you helping test this before it’s merge proposal.

    You raise a great point, sometimes just trying something is really important – glad you did.

    That’s great news to hear about how things went testing against your nearly finished theme. Feedback like that is what we need.

    I look forward to hearing some more feedback from you and encourage you to share it.



    I’ve changed my mind, I don’t like it tbo. That’s only my personal opinion and I know I cannot change the world. It is fine for folks who blogs & so on that never design a theme from scratch, but developers. Most folks don’t even know what the basic loop is, they only write, style & make beautiful title, text & image layouts, then they post it. They don’t bother with the countless hours of work behind the scenes. Using WordPress’s own themes is all well with this changes, but custom themes?

    On pages, Classic Editor & Gutenberg Editor are available. Say for instance Gutenberg gets pushed mandatory, how will the page template get set.

    Working with my theme at the moment and there is no way of setting page template in Gutenberg.

    Meta Boxes, will it be only for Posts excluding Custom Posts? I’ve read so many tickets already and still don’t know.

    Sorry for the rant. My reason for feeling this way is because I need to keep all this in mind whilst creating. It’s work being done & I don’t even know if it will work in the time coming. I will however keep looking at this as it’s seems I do not have a choice.

    In the end everybody will be able to do this, I get that. What is the point of, the Codex, people taking a lot of living time off learning. This changes, all-in-all is not good for me personally.

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