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  • Thanks for this plugin. It’s perfect for my needs. Still doing a major redevelopment of an existing site with minimal traffic, so it might be a while before I need to purchase the licence key for more traffic…

    Works well. I tested it using my paid VPN service (one of the best and most expensive VPNs on the market) on iPhone in Safari, and on desktop in Firefox and Chrome.

    By the way, I read the only one-star review by someone shouting at you that it doesn’t work after he/she tested it on some google service (“Google up Proxy”.. what’s that???), and accused you of getting your friends to write all the 5-star reviews. So, we’re friends now, right? lol

    But seriously, in your reply, you suggested that the reason is likely to have been that your plugin can’t prevent views from cached pages. Not sure what you meant or how that works, but yes, I noticed I could view some pages in Firefox that I had previously viewed through my direct connection (i.e. VPN off) even after I switched on the VPN. Afterwards, when I went to purge my site’s cache through wordpress dashboard in Chrome browser, I got blocked by your plugin lol. Disabled VPN, refreshed wordpress page in Chrome, purged the cache, switched on VPN, and then tried viewing those same test pages in Firefox but they were blocked this time.

    If I understand correctly, people can only view pages through a VPN if they had previously viewed them without their VPN, right, and they will never view anything that’s cached on the server side?

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by ragrant0.
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    For what it’s worth, I couldn’t replicate the caching phenomenon in Safari on iPhone

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    Hi @ragrant0, thank you for your nice comment!

    Basically, if you use a caching plugin it makes a static version of your website pages within its cache and in that case even if you select to block on select pages/posts in Proxy & VPN Blocker, we would not be able to block VPN’s/Proxies on pages that are within that cache because WordPress does not serve these pages. Instead the caching plugin serves its own copy to anybody who views it (Proxy, VPN or not).

    This is something that I wish I could solve but I don’t feel that it is possible.

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    From what you say and from my testing, I understand that a page will get cached server-side whenever a visitor views the page while the plugin’s blocking function is disabled. And then anyone visiting through a VPN will still be served the cached pages, regardless of whether they clear their browser cache or not.

    So, to prevent that, we just need to purge the server cache once only as soon as we reenable the blocking function.

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