It is possible create folders in Multisites? (3 posts)

  1. PetLvr
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have a domain .. with many posts that links to images in http://www.domain.com/pics/

    I have many similar domains, and have decided to consolidate it into one mega multisite to help with the upgrades etc. So, I have created a new multisite with subfolders, and added a new site say http://www.multisite.com/olddomain

    Then I have installed the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin, set up everything so now the http://www.multisite.com/olddomain/ works as the old http://www.domain.com

    Prior to parking the domain and mapping, I exported all posts and images and everything and imported everything into the new installation. I suppose that has everything that is needed in the posts, although I haven't checked. I did note that there was no import of my media library and all a lot of broken links, all because I often was linking repetitively to images in my /pics/ folder.

    Q) How do I create a new http://www.domain.com/pics/ folder on the multisite (site id=11) so I can just ftp all the old images into the folder? Is there a way?

    Thanks in advance
    HART -aka petLvr

  2. PetLvr
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I think I figured out a way to do this, although it is with a plugin. If someone has a better solution I am all ears!~

    I will use the Redirection to redirect (or maybe .htaccess if I can figure that out properly)

    http://www.domain.com/pics (the old domain and physical site)
    http://www.multisite.com/pics/ (the wpMU site where the virtual site is)

    HART @PetLvr
    (aka PetLvr)

  3. yep, you're good.

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