• antaljani


    The video URL easily reachable from Chrome inspect window.
    Even unlisted youtube videos can be seen, my 12 years old godson can do it. So, it is completely useless…

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  • Plugin Author Alec Rust


    The video URL easily reachable from Chrome inspect window.

    Opening the Chrome Developer Tools and inspecting the code of the player is a technical approach, I am clear in many places that technical users will still be able to obtain this URL.

    The goal of the plugin is not to prevent technical users (which your godson seems to be) from obtaining the URL, this is essentially impossible whilst still loading the native YouTube player. The goal is to cover/obscure the links in the player that can be easily clicked otherwise. I can assure you most users are not familiar with Dev Tools.

    I have certainly looked in to removing the player when Dev Tools is opened. Unfortunately detecting that the user has opened the Dev Tools does not work reliably across browsers and is somewhat of a moving target. I chose not to implement this as a buggy feature, and it does not detract from the core purpose of this plugin, but I’m sorry to have disappointed you. There is even an issue about this very feature, I suppose you didn’t see that.

    So, it is completely useless…

    This is plain wrong, as all the other reviews of this plugin indicate. It’s a shame you are going around destroying the rating of small plugins because you didn’t want to spend the time to read the description.

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