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  1. drscottgraves
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hello All!

    I am sure this has been posted before, but I couldnt find it. I use godaddy for hosting. I have a main site and then I am trying to get this other site going using WordPress. I followed Godaddys directions to setting up the site and it is up and running and I can log in and edit.

    Here is the problem. When I type in http://www.drscottgraves.com (the wordpress site), it automatically redirects to my main site http://www.costaricannoni.com/index.php. Right now I can view the site setup at http://www.drscottgraves.com/wpdrscott/. "wpdrscott" is the name of the folder in my directory. I changed the site to http://www.drscottgraves.com in the general settings page, but I have no idea why it is redirecting to my main site. Any help on this one?

    Thanks, Dr. Scott

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