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  • Well, its back up again. It was down for at least 30 minutes. FYI all…

    More than 30 mins, at least 3 hours… But, yes, WHEW, they’re back up. You never know how much you need that until it’s down!

    To re-iterate: It’s VERY important to have two types of spam busting plugins!!

    I wondered what had happened. No spam got through for 3 months, then 50 of them in an hour.

    sorry gang, but my SpamKarma caught everything for me while Akismet was down… so I can’t really empathize with you.

    nothing’s ever 100% reliable – they could’ve had server issues or something like that… you never know. always have a backup spam blocker installed… that’s the only way to ensure not having to deal with that junk…

    ladydelaluna – I guess I didn’t know WP could chain spam filters, are you saying you normally run with both Akismet and Spam Karma enabled? Or did you notice the downtime and switch things over to Spam Karma? Either way, you’re right – redundancy is the answer…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You can run Bad-Behaviour and Spam Karma 2 and Akismet if you wish. There is some extra code for SK2 I believe which helps it all.

    yes, i haven’t quite gotten into bad-behaviour yet, but i do run SK2 and Akismet at the same time…

    (I keep seeing podz pushin’ B-B though, so I might give it a whirl…) 😉

    I’ve always stuck with Bad Behavior etc. There’s really NO sense in pinning spam-tactics on a server option, as I see some of you probably found out today. No matter what is promised, no server is ever 100% uptime.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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