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  • Purging cache on website change is ok, so 2 stars, but I’m not going to keep it only for this. I can change everything on Cloudflare website.

    I will be honest, I downloaded this plugin ONLY for HTTP2 server push. And I am completely disappointed. I had to google how to set it up, because it is not an option in this plugin, nor it is even mentioned. So I entered this magic line in wp-config.php file.

    I even managed to see initiator server push in Chrome dev tools for some files sometimes, but usually index.php is an initiator even if I purge cache and speed testing tools don’t see any difference. I don’t know what files / types of files are supposed to be pushed as a rule. HTTP2 is out since a long time and server push support in this plugin is in some ice age of development.

    Also when plugin is installed, you get this infinite processing wheel, I though I need to wait because something is being processed, but no, 15 minutes later the same. Simply needed to click any menu icon, because this processing indicator is broken. Not too important, but pretty much sums up quality of this plugin.

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