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  • Quiero


    It had worked but I didn’t like its design right from the start as long as it requires quite a bit of effort to hide some particular menu items for every single page that requires a specific menu.

    Yea, it uses the only menu and an additional loooong page specific list that enable marking the ones that are not required for that specific page. And conversely, you gotta hide the other ones on your regular pages.

    This is not a good software design idea.
    Imagine how clumsy and unambiguous the resulting menu is.

    ..but then it simply stopped working. Nothing helped to cure the thing.

    Luckily, I found another plugin that does the job a way more elegantly than this one by simply allowing one to replace a menu on a specific page which presents a way more cleaner software design approach, obviously.


    Ohh, I tested four plugins today. This one is the first.

    The ONLY one that has finally done the job (Oh Glory, How happy I am! 🙂
    is Conditional Menus at Themify. It’s such a pity those guys didn’t publish it here.

    Happy coding everybody!

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  • Quiero


    Unfortunately, Menu Per Pages has some serious flaws as well.
    The one that really works is Menu Swapper.

    It employs a whole different model that seems to be the only viable one.

    Plugin Author dharmapoudel


    Thanks for the review. Points noted. Will try to simplify and reduce friction. I’m not really happy with the design myself. Wanted to rewrite from scratch but given the active users I can’t just do that. I’ve to update on top of existing code trying not to break it which makes it more difficult.
    If you have any idea on how this plugin should be in order to be effective, please let me know. It definitely helps.
    Also I would have definitely helped you with your issue had I known on time.

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