• Over the years, I have created countless WordPress sites and used so many forms builders that I’ve lost count. While there have been some that were definitely better than others, I never found anything that had it “just right”. Therefore, I always went back to CF7 or Gravity Forms (depending on my budget for the site.) They are both good (enough-ish).

    However, I have always hoped for more. Enter BitForm. Even the free version is awesome and already on par (or better) than most “Pro” form-builder programs. When you graduate to the Pro version of BitForm, though, it’s just on another level. If you can dream it, you can create it with BitForm Pro. And that “Conditional Logic” is mighty powerful. Yeah, other plugins have something they call “Conditional Logic”, but BitForm Pro lets you create and automate forms in ways you never even imagined.

    Oh, and it is dirt cheap, too. I have no doubt that will change, though. BitForm Pro is just too good to be at this price for long (currently only $29 at the time of this post.) I might be wrong, but I predict this plugin will be used on “millions” of sites. So, get it now while it’s cheap!

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