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  • I installed wordpress yesterday, and evertyhing worked fine.
    But today, i had an stupid idea to change the color on the top.. and it got f***k up.. Now, i have deleted everything from my website, and uploaded it again, but it still dosnt work. Please help me!

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  • Did you delete the tables from your database, too? The settings are stored in the database – not in the files.

    hmm, what is tables?:)… i deleted everything on my website thru my FTP. this is how it looks now.. and i cant even log in

    The WP files (the files you can upload and/or delete through the FTP) – are only “half” of your WordPress installation.
    All the content, like posts, Pages, comments, settings etc. is stored in a MySQL database.
    You can delete your files 100 times… if they still point to the old, existing database, it will always display the old bad settings.

    How did you install it if you don’t know about your database?

    i just followed the instructions in the readme file. But what shall I do now?, i cant even log in, the layout looks like crap thats where I have my blog. but i have done something, about it.. I tried to delete all my files thru FTP and upload everything again. Now I cant even log in or do anything

    I’ve told you earlier: you have bad settings in your database. You should either delete the tables from the database – using phpMyadmin, or you will have to edit the “site_url” and “home” values in the wp-options table.
    See the tutorial:

    Also for deleting data, see:
    Under PHPMYADMIN > see: empty or drop tables

    I currently see a test post on an install of wordpress but lacking any css, because the css file (supposedly located at returns a 404.

    I don’t know if Moshu is helping you out with this, but as previously stated you’ll need to clear out the database as well. This would be defined by the database details explained at

    edit: looks like Moshu beat me to it :P. if your webhost does not give you access to your sql tables, try to create a new database and use this new database when installing the reuploaded files.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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