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  • Hi, im trying to make minecraft server whit this but it isnt working.

    ill go in that Minecraft and then click install, but then it says:

    The file ‘’ was succssesfull created.
    Because there are no test data for your operating system, a automatic installer script couldn’t be created. Please install Java manually.The file ‘’ was succssesfull created.
    Log in to your server and execute the following command:
    sh /home/a5011109/public_html/wp-content/minecraft.dir/

    And that server… im using 000webhost and to hosting
    so i dont know about that server….

    Broblem 2.
    in that minecraft section when i want put minecraft server link (it says choose) when i click choos it dont do anything 🙁
    I hope this is awesome plugin and you can tell me what is wrong 🙂

    Hopefully you find out and sorry if i have bad english (i from finland)

    website: (im still creating graphicks and stuff)


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  • now… it FREAKING (sry caps) destroyed my website and says

    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /home/a5011109/public_html/wp-content/plugins/minecraft-admin/includes/mc-core.php on line 82

    🙁 shame. seems i need again make another 🙁

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    please deaktivate the plugin by changing the name from
    so then your website should work again.

    To install the plugin you need root access on your server. Normaly you login with ssh as root, eg
    then you have to execute the command sh /home/a5011109/public_html/wp-content/minecraft.dir/

    But it seems that you have got an webspace and not an Vserver or root-server.


    so, i cant make server whit this plugin? ok..



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    A minecraft server? No. This plugin allows you to manage an existing minecraft server.

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