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  • Rob Roy


    The whole purpose of a share tool is to… share, right? Then why on earth does the facebook like button not do that? Its been discussed EVERYWHERE for over a year that this implementation of the like button doesn’t show up anywhere on your timeline, but in the tiny little left-hand side box called “Activity” which _no_one_sees_.

    If you try and modify the code as is suggested using the facebook code snippet areas, the bubble is just blank.

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  • THANK YOU. I am so frustrated by this! What on earth is the point of having a Facebook button if clicking it doesn’t actually do anything of value? Our site needs as many views as it can get and a particularly good blog post lost a ton of potential visitors because the FB button on Flare is useless. Clearly the capability to “like” and share something is possible so why is it not being implemented here?

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