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    I recently decided to purchase Oxygen Builder. I reached out to them about SEOPress and they said to just try out on their sandbox (

    So I did. I created five pages:

    1) Just wordpress content + seopress. Everything worked fine.

    2) Just oxygen builder and texts created inside of it. Nothing worked. SEOPress said there were 0 words in my text.

    3) Oxygen builder + dynamic data to reach the backend of WordPress. So I wrote my content on WordPress and than I recalled it with dynamic data. Easy to do with articles, not so much with pages

    4) Elementor. Worked fine, even with text inside the builder.

    5) Brizy. Worked fine, even with text inside the builder.

    Do you know what may cause the problem with Oxygen? Will you look into it to make it readable for all builders?

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Denis


    it’s probably because Oxygen doesn’t store its datas in the default post_content table.
    If it’s the case, I really recommend not to use it. It’s not a good idea to reinvent the wheel at this point.
    However, I have not tested it, so I can not say how it is managed.

    It stores content in a custom field, as far as i know.

    It’s not a big deal since I can just write inside wordpress and style how content is displayed with oxygen, but it would be nice to have the integration with visual builders 🙂

    The only one fully working is Yoast SEO, so i think it would be great for sales as well 🙂

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    Plugin Author Benjamin Denis


    Since SEOPress 3.0, you can filter the analyzed content with a hook and add custom fields:

    Hope it helps.

    I tried to add that code in the plugin editor but I had no success.

    That’s what I added:

    “function sp_content_analysis_content($content, $id) {
    //$content = default WP editor
    //$id = current post ID
    //Example to add your custom field to content analysis
    $cf = get_post_meta($id, ‘ct_builder_shortcodes’, true);
    $content = $content.$cf;
    return $content;
    add_filter(‘seopress_content_analysis_content’, ‘sp_content_analysis_content’);

    So I just replaced my-custom-field with ct_builder_shortcodes. Sometimes the analyzer itself doesn’t work. Other times it works but it says I still have 0 words ecc…

    Have I done it correctly?

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    The snippet provided by Benjamin does what it says (after specifying the priority and number of arguments in the add_filter line) but it is only partially useful with Oxygen because of how Oxygen stores the content (shortcodes).


    Let’s say you add a h3 heading having the text of “Features of Oxygen” in the Oxygen editor.

    Then in the WP editor, you set “oxygen” as the target keyword and click the “refresh analysis” button.

    SEOPress will continue to say:

    “None of your target keywords were found in Heading 3 (H3).”

    because Oxygen stores it like this:

    [ct_headline ct_sign_sha256='e343fd8e026424b59d80cd8cdb6b420f1035b62f0e1acf68a33c08798159de91' ct_options='{"ct_id":75,"ct_parent":0,"selector":"headline-75-25","original":{"tag":"h3"},"activeselector":false}']Features of Oxygen[/ct_headline]

    and not

    <h3>Features of Oxygen</h3>

    add “do_shortcode” to make it work.

    function sp_content_analysis_content($content, $id) {
    //$content = default WP editor
    //$id = current post ID
    //Example to add your custom field to content analysis
    $cf = do_shortcode(get_post_meta($id, ‘ct_builder_shortcodes’, true));
    $content = $content.$cf;
    return $content;
    add_filter(‘seopress_content_analysis_content’, ‘sp_content_analysis_content’, 2, 10);

    Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to get this working:

    Plugin Author Benjamin Denis


    @srikat: thank you for your contribution. 😉

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