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    Woke up this morning and found this error on my site. I checked the DB its all there, I tried updateing the SQL password in the config file and it returned a different error so we know the password is correct. I am running 1.5.2 and have not had any issues at all. no changes have been made, The last I did was post a few articles before going to bed. The one thing that did concern me was that if I FTP into the files I see the dates on them are 2 days ago (the last they were touched), I contacted my host (ipowerweb) and they do not have any logs of updates etc. HELP, this is more reason to move to bluehost…

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    Are you sure that the database and prefix values as specified in wp-config.php are correct? It’s worth double-checking.

    WordPress won’t allow you to re-install if it detects that it’s already there.

    What happens when you run through the install process again?

    Quite sure since I have not made any changes. Just as a test I changed the password in the wp-config file to see if it was reachng out to the DB and it returned a page indicating that I had the wrong username or password. I have not ran thru the install again since I am not sure what kind of damage that can do. I found that line of text (It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet) in the wp-settings file. maybe it has to do with register globals, I am running 1.5.2 and have been since its release. maybe my host had made some change (thou they say they have not), then again I have no clue what register globals does or means.. ugg, thanks for helping skippy..

    Just in case this helps, this is the server info from my host..
    mysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.16
    perl, v5.8.3
    PHP 4.3.11

    Double-check your database and make sure there are actual records in the (wp_)users table. No data there, or an inability to read from that table, is typically the reason for the install message to appear.

    Yup, there is one user in that table (Me, user_level of 10 and user_status of 0) what ever those mean. Thanks Kafkaesqui.

    UPDATE: if I choose install, it starts the proccess of re-installing (asks for email address etc) I did not continue out fear of more damage. I have tried running the install file on another site of mine and it returned an error saying that it has already been installed, hmmm.. this is weird..

    Well, after a phone call and live chat with my host, it is now wowking again. They claim that they have not changed a thing. It ‘fixed itself’ while on chat with the rep. we both came to the conclusion that the issue was in the wp-settings.php file,(which was never touched) I still feel that they have changed something and the rep had no clue, must have been some sort of server updates. but he did mention that register_globals is set to on in the server. dont recall if that is good or bad, should not be an issue since I an running 1.5.2.. I still wish I knew what caused this.. thanks again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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