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  • I know this has been posted before but I can’t seem to find any answers to help myself. I tried to view my blog this morning and got this message:

    “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.”

    I checked the datatbase, everything looked okay, and then i clicked the browse button on my user table and the admins email did not match mine, I am not familiar with php so i cant make sense of everything else.

    I havent changed anything. My blog has been working fine for a few months now. I have not gone over my storage space on my server either. I am not in the states either I am in Czech republic please help!!!!!

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  • by the way, my url is thanks!!

    I just checked my db info in option table and the url isnt there and the user, blog title, everything is not my own! it all seems to be different! pleeeeeease help im freaking out!

    have you checked your file permissions? Sounds like your permissions were set too low, and someone basiaclly took it over. Although, why your admin panel is still there, but your site shows you haven’t installed it is very odd. usually you only get that message when it’s not installed at all.

    Yeah, I peeked a little further, and your files are all there, but it appears your installation hasn’t been run. Was it working before? You say you’re looking in your database tables and finding email information and such – but did you ever install it, and log in through the web admin interface? Create posts and all that? Is thsi the first time you’ve seen this message *ever*? Because you should have seen it the very first time you installed WordPress.

    Could also be that it’s a shared database – I’ve installed WordPress on a couple of hosts that have a shared database system – so if a database name is already taken by another user, you have to use a different name. Perhaps there was a glitch in your host’s server that “didn’t see” that the database name was already taken, and it overwrote yours with another’s installation?

    I could be blowing it out my ass on that one – because I have no idea how possible that is (seem fairl *impossible* by a reliable host) but I thought I might put it out there.

    I suppose I saw the same message the first time when i set up wordpress, but havent had a problem since, and have been posting multiple times a day at most for the past 2 months. If i click on the link “install.php” it just says that its already been installed. I double posted because I recieved more information on my issue, i apologize i am just stressed out about this. I dont think i am “sharing” a database system, but i will try renaming the database and see what happens….

    All my posts are missing from the database!!!!!!!!! : (

    Instead, the two default posts are there. what the hell is goiing on./!?!?!?!?!

    What were your file permissions set at? What do your access logs say? Have you contacted your host to see what they say? And in the meantime, have you changed your passwords?

    i dont know how to check the permissions! i never changed them so they should have been at the default settings. i dont know how to check access logs either but i willl experiment with that. i dont really know what to tell my host, my website is working fine, the wordpress is what isnt working properly : (

    someone help!

    As i figured, I cant make sense of the access log. All i know is that I didnt logon this weekend at all and i see records of….something? i dont know…. : (

    I cant make sense of the access log.

    That’s fine – but someome else here may be able to. Try posting the last few lines and you may get more help 🙂 but flying blind like we are, there’s not much we can offer.

    I can see the blog just fine.
    What’s all the freak out about?

    You’re right. It’s there now. But is it his? Did he fix it? The freak out is that he was seeing “looks like you haven’t installed WordPress yet” but when he’d click on “install” it’d tell him it was already installed. He went and looked in the files on the database and it looked to him like someone had taken it over (username, email address, blog name – it was all changed and not by him)

    So I guess the question is, did he get it all settled? And if he did, what was it? What happened? It’d be nice for some follow-up in case this happens to someone else – and it’d be nice to mark this “resolved”.

    adamsamuels – you may also want to delete install.php now that your site is working.

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