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  • After completing all the stepps… it finally comes down to the last step (18)… and then error: «Problem Detected – A problem was detected during the post creation process. The severity can only be established by checking logs and any posts created or expected to have been created. Feel free to contact the plugins team for free help.»
    Why is there not a check after step 1???

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  • Thank you for trying CSV 2 POST but that is not an error. That notice clearly shows the intelligence in how the plugin operates and time put into the plugins development so that it detects issues.

    If you had simply took the time to contact us we would have put plenty time into helping you and established what the plugin thinks might be an issue.

    Whatever the problem, it might be something that happens in any importer or was not a problem at all. The fact that the notice is there and the notice text itself indicates we want to help. It certainly does not deserve 1 star no way. You will not find a plugin as advanced as CSV 2 POST without the need for multiple checks and warnings to protect the user and good luck finding a plugin author who responds this quickly to all of your queries.

    Plugin Contributor Ryan Bayne


    I would like to reply to the question put forward for further clarity…

    Why is there not a check after step 1???

    These plugins require all settings and configuration to be saved prior to post creation. The notice is regarding post creation itself which is performed last. There is no possible check that can be done early, not without guessing or making assumptions.

    Other importers guess the users needs and wishes. CSV 2 POST does not. It is a plugin for professionals who want to take full control over the websites they build. However in response to people struggling with such an advanced plugin we decided to stop providing so many features and reduce the interface down to what most plugins offer. Sometimes more is not good and that we do understand. We hope you try our next version.

    I’ll finish by confirming what Zara basically said. The notice may mean very little but I do admit it seems more serious than it is and that it needed changed. Which it was about a week back and will be delivered in the next version. We are on the ball 🙂

    The notice could indicate one custom field for one post out of 100,000 posts was not saved successfully. These things happen and unlike many CSV importers we do not avoid alerting the user just to brush issues under the rug. Hell knows how many auto-blogged websites out there have some un-finished posts that the owner will never notice due to the massive amount of posts blogged. This is what we wish to avoid and deliver more accuracy/quality.

    I am sorry if you feel you had bad experience but we are here to help you continue your need for auto-blogging.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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