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  • Resolved Stagger Lee


    After last update (maybe before to, dont know) it leave plugins in real disable state when all from right sidebar inside “Global Plugins” is removed, and saved.

    It never happened before, at least not for me. Not so small problem. Because if it behave this way we dont need Plugin Organizer plugin. We could disable and enable plugins manually.

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  • And all widgets from different plugins are removed permanently.

    Something different, not important for new topic, jus like info.
    Why did you remove background-color on left sidebar in “Global Plugins” to mark plugins disabled and moved to right sidebar ?

    It was huge visual help and saved a lot of time.

    You have to assume when people troubleshoot conflicts, errors, etc they usually take it step by step. Disable few plugins, reload problematic page, disable few more.

    Now when you disable say 4 plugins, and see error remains, you come back to disable 4 more, and you have no clue what is disabled because there is no marking on left sidebar whatsoever.

    I mean I can click on each plugin on left side and get green background, some half-done solution. Best solution would be to completely remove plugins from left side list if they are added to right side. Most logic.

    PS: There are no javascript errors in console.

    You already gave it special class, so why not use it ?

    .disabledStandard {
        background-color: #660011 !important;
        color: #fff !important;
    .disabledStandard a.fa-user-circle {
        color: #fff;

    Second wish for improvement. Please, please leave right sidebar boxes (both) allways open on default. They dont take much space, compared to left side. I noticed sometimes some plugin can sneak under “mobile” or even first block. It can end with something disabled, and hours, and days, of troubleshooting people not aware plugin sneaked there.

    Leave it open all the time.
    (But I guess background-color in strong color on left side would solve both of those problems.

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    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    There is an icon on the plugins in the right side that can be clicked and will show you which roles they have been disabled on. Removing them from the left side if they are disabled somewhere makes no sense since they can be disabled on any role. So the list on the left must always have all available plugins. My test site has 20+ roles. Which means there are 40+ containers on the right side. Having them open by default would make the page very long. So they are defaulted to closed. Then you open the one you want to work with. Rather than scrolling through the 40+ containers to get to the one you want. Clicking on a plugin and turning it green indicates it has been selected. Not that it has been disabled. Then you can drag all of the plugins that are selected at the same time. The css class you are looking at isn’t used when you have disable plugins by role turned on. That is for when you have that option turned off and there are indicators for standard and mobile.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    I released version 9.2.1 that sets the tolerance for the droppable elements to pointer. That should stop you from accidentally dropping the plugins into the wrong container on the right side. The plugins will be dropped in whichever container is directly below your mouse pointer.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Can you give me the list of plugins you have installed?

    Hi Jeff. Here it is. From one classifieds localhost testing. That is why so many plugins. Some of them are doing the same work.

    ACF: Google Map Extended
    Admin Columns – WooCommerce add-on
    Admin Columns Pro
    Admin Columns Pro – Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO
    Advanced Custom Fields: Theme Code Pro
    Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll
    Akismet Anti-Spam
    Auto Prune Posts
    Canvas Image Resize
    Carbon Fields
    Contact Form 7
    CSSable Countdown
    Custom Post Type Generator
    Download Attachments
    Edit Flow
    Edit Post Expire
    Email Login
    Heartbeat Control
    Hello Dolly
    Improved Save Button
    Jetpack by
    LH QR Codes
    MainWP Child
    Custom Currency Converter
    Custom Functions
    Participants Database
    Plugin Organizer
    Post Expirator
    Post Meta Revisions
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Safe Report Comments
    Search & Filter Pro
    Shortcake (Shortcode UI)
    Simple Image Sizes
    Themler core
    TinyMCE Advanced
    TinyMCE Comment Field – WYSIWYG
    Titan Framework
    WordPress Related Posts
    WP User Avatars

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    BackUpWordPress gets the array of active plugins, changes it, and then saves it to the database. If the page it is getting the list of plugins on has a plugin disabled through plugin organizer it will not be in the list and BackUpWordPress will then save that list to the database which will deactivate the plugin.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Titan Framework does the same thing.

    Thanks Jeff. Both are since long time ago made for deleting, so no big deal. Dont need them.
    Have no clue now for what I used Titan Framework (maybe custom Options page), but not your problem. This classifieds website is something I do for very long time.

    Hey @foomagoo, one of the authors of BackUpWordPress here. Could you point me to where in the code we’re doing what you suggest, would like to fix the conflict if possible.

    (Code is here on Github:


    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    On line 330 of classes/class-plugin.php the code calls
    $active_plugins = get_option( 'active_plugins' );

    Then on line 342 this is called

    update_option( 'active_plugins', $active_plugins );

    If this is called on a page where a plugin or plugins have been disabled by plugin organizer then those plugins will not be in the array of plugins returned and the array will be saved to the database without those plugins. The wordpress core will then deactivate them because they are no longer in the array of active plugins. I don’t know if BackUpWordPress is the plugin that caused the others to be deactivated but it is a possibility.

    Gotcha, so your plugin filters active_plugins On pre_get_option and removes whichever plugins have been “hidden” so that they aren’t displayed on the Plugins page?

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    It shouldn’t filter the active_plugins option on the plugins page. If it did that would deactivate plugins. If the only place your function gets called is the plugins page then there shouldn’t be a problem.

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