• Hi Ivan – It is great thought developing a plugin like this. But it didnt worked for me . Could you please help me ?

    1. Installed activated
    2. In settings page I didnt put any username and repo info
    3. I used the shorcode directly showed in examples section like below –
    [grd_list user=”IvanRF” repo=”MassiveFileRenamer” latest=”true”]

    it throws me an error says invalid repo. I want to display the repo info of other users. Is it possible ?

    <Jan21-2016> Latest version is working fine. Thank You

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  • Plugin Author IvanRF


    Hi, sorry for the delay, I wasn’t notified of this.

    I just tested that shortcode and it works fine. Could you test it again?

    I want to display the repo info of other users. Is it possible ?

    Yes, you just need to set the user and the repo variables in the shortcodes. Always, the shortcode settings take priority over global plugin settings.

    Plugin Author IvanRF


    Did you test it on a local host or online server?

    The plugin gets the GitHub info using wp_remote_get().

    If your server does not allow external connections, that could be the issue.

    See this:

    The easy way is to check to be sure that your version of PHP has the curl module installed and/or enabled. There is no one set of rules for doing this, it depends on your hosting environment and/or server configuration.

    You need to fix the underlying problem and do something like enabling curl on the server if you want it to work. WordPress’s code can only make a best-effort attempt to try all the different ways, but if they’re all broken on that server, then it will just fail.

    Plugin Author IvanRF


    I just released a new version of the plugin with better error handling.
    Update it to know the root cause here.

    I also found out that GitHub applied API rate limits. Maybe that was your issue, since the example was not working for you. They allow you to do 60 requests per hour. Now, if you set a token in the plugin, you can do 5,000 reqs/hour.

    Thread Starter know2script


    Hi Ivan,

    I really appreciate your response. Will try and will let you know if I ru in to issues. Thanks for your support.

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