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  • hola1


    With WordPress 5.0 comes stupid Gutenber editor. I hated it.

    I used this plugin to downgrade. It suprisingly did the job in seconds.

    Here is what I recommend:

    1. Backup your site (just in case). There are multiple easy to use backup plugins. I use “All-in-One WP Migration”.

    2. Install this plugin (WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version). Downgrade to the version you want. You can get the versions from below link:

    3. Once downgraded to the desired version, you can install “Easy Updates Manager” plugin to deactivate automatic upgrades (Optional – just in case WP pushes new version again)

    Hope this helps,

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  • Ok, this is great because I hate it too. My site and plugins do not work well with this new version. I cant create pages, I tried the classic editor plugin to revert the page problem then it seemed to break the site more. I’m very over it, I just got everything where I needed it and this happens. I’m going to do it and I hope it works. One question can I delete this downgrade plugin after I downgrade and should I have a zip file of the old version in my file manager? I currently have the 4.8.9 sitting in my cpanel?



    Yes. I actually forgot to include it.

    4. Once you downgrade to the desired version and blocked (optional) automatic core upgrade, you can just delete away this plugin. I would give 10 stars to the developer of this plugin.

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