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  • jaldunate


    I spent so long trying to find a solution for translation. I had to make a list after several failed iterations because it was hard to keep track of what was tested. These is what I wrote:


    * Works well
    * only two languages in free version, paid version is very expensive, plus paid periodically


    * paid version with ok price does not support woocommerce
    * paid version with woocommerce support too expensive

    Making a multisite

    * Works well, but you get two parallel woocommerce settings
    * Woocommerce settings might get bugs on multisite (in my case it was unusable)
    * you need to install plugins for
    – shared woocommerce settings
    – shared media


    * works ok, but woocommerce works badly
    * paid version is expensive


    * works well like translatepress
    * some links throws the user back to default language
    * you have to translate span by span, which can get extremely tedious


    * free version limits amt of words and only one more language


    * it either doesn’t work or it’s very badly designed


    * there is no way to add translation to posts

    Translate by Supsystic

    * seems ok but does not work with gutenberg, which would mean re-doing all the content


    * Works perfect; I did not like the translation interface.


    * works well
    * a bit annoying that EVERY page needs to be translated or the ux breaks


    * works well
    * some woocommerce buttons take the user back to initial language
    * Woocommerce products not supported?? it seems it was, but new version f*d up

    wp multilang

    * seems to work
    * translates wp and does not break the “language link string”
    * something weird happened with permalinks after install, it got solved after resetting that setting
    * correctly activates native language support strings
    * It can bug out if a page does not have a translation version; thankfully it is in my power to solve that.

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  • Hi,
    I’m Stéphane from Falang , i have write you an email to have more infos on what you don’t like in the interface.
    You Don’t have to translate everything, by default the current language is displayed and you translate only the items you want to be showed in another language.


    hey! I saw it and I replied.

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