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  • The concept of Gutenberg and the idea of block-builders in general makes the utmost of sense.

    A lot of us love WordPress but aren’t necessarily developers or don’t want to spend additional time creating page templates and new layouts which may be used for single blog posts or pages.

    Wordpress’ Gutenberg in my opinion was supposed to be a “proper” and “lean” drag and drop builder which would render a lot of the third party plugins irrelevant, however the UX is clunky and leaves a lot to be desired.

    Instead of streamlining the act of writing a blog post, it’s not much harder to write a simple piece of content.

    In theory there are more options but overall it feels more restrictive when every element needs to be a seperate block.

    The fact it doesn’t work as an either or option, or in tandem with classic editor is also quite frustrating and doesn’t allow users to dip their toes into the water.

    Instead you get the cold shock of this unfamiliar interface and writing a quick piece of content becomes a pain.

    It’s certainly not all doom and gloom though and undoubtedly a lot of the poor feedback (mine included) is because we all as humans don’t like change.

    With a few tweaks and new functionality, I can definitely see this working.

    My issue is that right now it feels like it’s in beta and shouldn’t have been released just yet. Reputation wise I think it has suffered for this but I trust the awesome WordPress team to eventually get this right and make us all forget/stop installing classic Editor!

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  • Hi, thank you for your fair and constructive feedback.

    Indeed, the Gutenberg team is working constantly to improve the stability, experience and features of the editor.

    Please feel welcomed to share your thoughts also on the Gutenberg project itself, as feature suggestions or signalling bugs or usability issues you encounter.

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    I’ll take a look, thanks for all the work you and the team are putting into the project! As I tried to say, I think eventually it will become indispensable.

    Cheers, Nick

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