• After installed the plugin i relized that some additional little forms appeared next to original contact form 7 forms.

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  • Plugin Author Erik


    ciao @lanboran that little forms are honeypots and are automatically added by the plugin as a spam prevention mechanism. Likely something in your css style is forcing their display, but I don’t think the right way to report this problem is with a review like this.
    Just seems to me a bad shot for something completely free and oss, you are putting me off sincerly!

    Just wanted to add, that I also had this problem because of my parent theme’s style and I had to adjust my custom css style to hide the honeypot field.

    Maybe just add “!important” to the “position: absolute” rule for the “.wpcf7 form.wpcf7-form .fit-the-fullspace” selector in the next update, at least that’s what I only had to do to fix it.

    But yea, @lanboran, don’t put a one star review to a free plugin that clearly had a lot of effort and love put in, just because you were lazy to check what was the actual problem.

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    Plugin Author Erik


    You are right @anze but use a style with !important will make the honeypot much easier to detect, that was the reason why i decided to avoid to use it.
    if you think it isn’t worth I’m willing to change my mind, in the end it’s a minor change (however you should report it to me on github so I can credit you for your idea). PS thanks for the review! 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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