Support » Plugin: WordPress Block and Stop Bad Bots Plugin StopBadBots » It crushed intruders trying to steal my site.

  • I was desperately trying to save my WP website in the beginning with my hosting’s help against the relentless attacks of the intruders by brute force login. At first, without my knowledge, they successfully steal my website and I can not log in to it suddenly. After gaining back the login entry to my site I discovered I was no longer the user of my site it goes by another name. Through my hosting, they were able to take back the ownership of my website from the hands of the intruder for me. After that, they keep on trying to gain entry and blocking me not to be able to log in but my hosting was very helpful to assist me to enable me to log in.. Until I used the Stop Bad bots plugin plus for full protection, I also add the Anti Hacker premium both from the same company. Now I am back to confidence because the fear of losing my website from the intruders is gone. Though still keep trying to gain entry relentlessly by bots brute-force login but Stop Bad bots is knocking them away. Thank you Bill Minozzi. You have an excellent service of your product even though Stop Bad Bot is for free it works amazing.

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