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  • first if you make WP_DEBUG on in the wp-config.php like that
    03 define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
    and the error will display.
    the error is :
    Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0!
    or in Arabic language is :
    Notice: has_cap أستدعيت بواسطة مُعطى مهجور منذ النسخة 2.0! استخدام مستويات العضوية بواسطة الإضافات والقوالب مهجور. استخدم الرتب والصلاحيات بدلاًً منها.

    الحل – the answer is :
    1- go to intalled plugins and click on edit for that plugin quick adsense.
    2- replace that :
    add_options_page(“Quick Adsense Options”, “Quick Adsense”, 8, basename(__FILE__), “ads_admin_page_inc”);
    with that:
    add_options_page(“Quick Adsense Options”, “Quick Adsense”, ‘edit_pages’, basename(__FILE__), “ads_admin_page_inc”);
    3- click update file or save.
    what we did is replaced 8 with ‘edit_pages’.
    bye bye 🙂

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