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  • wp-contact-form 1.4.3 is said to work fine, and indeed it seems to do, but it doesn’t produce correct xhtml code : some <p> markup tags are opened but not closed, some other are closed without having been opened. I know that the visual result is the good one, but don’t hope being validated by the w3c with that…
    Same issue with wp-contact-form ][

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  • I’m seeing the same issue with wp-contact-form and wp-contact-form 2. At the end of the form, wp 2.0.7 gives…


    but wp 2.1 gives…


    Any idea what might cause this?
    This is the last plugin I need to get working before I can move my main site to 2.1. 🙁

    Instead of using the plugin to provide the form, I tried entering the form code directly into the page. Then, I get a leading <p> inserted before each label or textarea.

    For instance, I enter the following when I edit the page…

    <div class="contactleft"><label for="wpcf_your_name">Your Name: </label></div>

    But when I visit the page, the code looks like…

    <div class="contactleft"><label for="wpcf_email">Your Email:</label></div>

    I get the feeling that wp 2.1 is trying to help by reformatting the xhtml for me, but it ain’t working out. (And I did turn off “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”)

    Any thoughts? Is there a way to make wordpress spit out the page untouched?

    The visual result is not good, at least if you see the form on a Mac (Safari o FF).

    Any ideas about this issue?

    I have nothing new to add —- wait, no, see below. Additional datapoint — besides the fact that I’m dealing with the same issue.

    I’ve been customizing the contact form to make a sign up sheet, with more form elements. I discovered this — in a tweaked version of wp-contact-form v. 1.4.3 But I’ve got a “clean” install of both 1.4.3 and contact form ][ on other sites. Notice the same phenomenon there, too.

    Hm. I set this up on a site using an older version of Ryan Duff’s plugin, and also using an older version of WordPress. Same phenom: weird or
    tags that don’t seem to belong there.

    That’s an argument against it having anything to do with latest wordpress.

    It looks as though this is a known bug

    The fix, according to the above-linked page, is to put this code below line 66 in your wp-includes/formatting.php file

    $pee = preg_replace( '|(</div[>]*>s*)</p>|', "</p>$1", $pee );

    I just did that, and now my <p> tags are balanced. heh. Next thing for me to figure out is how to get rid of them altogether.

    Also discussed here and here.

    IMHO, my bug ( is also related to this bug..

    I’m having similar issues with WP 2.1 not rendering XHTML correctly, and I don’t have either of these plugins installed.

    so I don’t think its the plugin itself thats the problem.

    Commenting out 66-68 (as suggested on the bug report) fixed it for me. Does anyone know what those 3 lines are for?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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