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    When I edit Categories on WordPress, can not show flag multi language wordpress and I can’t update to other language

    The taxonomies has some issues with the changer and saving the multiple languages titles. The good part, the workaround works for taxonomies too. If you can take that into consideration when updating would be great!

    Plugin Author John Clause


    @yomisimie, taxonomy issue has already been fixed at
    I would appreciate is somebody tests it and confirms.

    @john Clause
    i just updated to, but in the add term page(edit-tags.php) there’s not the button to switch the language.

    @johnclause Tested and works. You have to update the plugin to or any newer version, go to settings -> languages and click on save. That should override the settings and make them work again! Great job guys!

    @sb0k try saving the language settings, then go to edit your taxonomies.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    A fis for menu update is added to the same branch:

    All, please, help us to test it quicker. When you test, deactivate old qtx, then upload new plugin (first, remove file directory ‘qtranslate-x-’ if you already it), here is the link for the sake of convenience, then activate qtx of version

    Thank you very much for your testing, @sb0k, much appreciated. I cannot reproduce the problem though in my testing. Try deactivate qtx and reactivate again? In fact page edit-tags.php was fine to begin with. The problem was on single term editing page, which was renamed in WP45 (was ‘edit-tags.php?action=edit’, now ‘term.php’).

    @john Clause

    ok now works. i deactivated and reactivated the plugin, then i saved again the language settings.
    thank you

    It’s still not saving the menu translations correctly for me.

    I deactivated the qTranslate-X plugin, added the downloaded and activated it, went to dashboard->settings->languages and saved the settings, then back to appearence->menus, translated one of my menu items, saved it and it only saved the last language I entered before saving, the other translation is lost.

    This bug apparently not only affects menu’s and terms/tags…
    Just tried to create some new (custom-)posts after updating to WP4.5
    It looks like no language data gets saved, in the posts-list it says Languages are not set

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Thanks a lot, @reddo, for testing! Are you absolutely sure that you activated A few people reported already that it works and it does in my testing too. Please, double check all. If problem persists, please contact me via to report the details of your case.

    @jeroenguyt: thanks for the report. I will try to reproduce.

    @john Clause
    also for me the menu translate doesn’t work.

    i created a new menu, and when i use the button to switch from one to another language the titles of menu remain unchanged.


    in my site i had some cpt with translated post regularly.
    I just made a test by inserting an article in both languages.

    @john Clause: Yes, I’m absolutely positive.

    I deleted the old plugin and installed the one. Went to Settings-Languages and clicked save.

    The weird thing is that it’s happening on one menu and it’s working fine on the other.

    Hello everybody,
    Do you also experience some troubles while translating the category descriptions? I’m using qtranslateX 3.6.4 with WordPress 4.4.2.
    When I write the description in all languages using the textarea, after updating all translations are wrapped with the last language textarea tags (e.g. [:en][:fr]Description FR[:en]Description EN[:][:] if I was in the EN textarea or [:fr][:fr]Description FR[:en]Description EN[:][:] if I was in the FR textarea).
    I hope my explainations are clear enough.
    Best regards

    @antigone Webteam: I gave it a try, and I confirm it’s happened similarly to me. In my case both translations ended up in the 1st language’s textarea and the second language’s translations disappeared after I saved the category

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