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  • Oh.. I also can’t drag and drop widgets in appearence > widgets
    Deactivating the plugin doesn’t help, but changing the theme does.

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    Yep there are actually quite a few plugins that have issues with WP 3.5. We got caught by surprise on this one. 😉

    WP releases Nightly Builds and Beta versions of upcoming WP version releases that plugin authors can test with to ensure their plugins are working correctly with any new coding changes in each new version of WP that is scheduled for release. In the WP 3.5 release a last minute coding change was necessary and we were caught by surprise as many other plugin authors were as well. he he. 😉

    Ok so this is what you should do to narrow down which plugin(s) or theme(s) might not be functioning correctly with WP 3.5.

    Deactivate each plugin one by one and test things until you figure out where the issue is.

    Then if it is not a plugin issue you will have to switch your theme to the WordPress 2012 theme briefly to see if it is your theme itself.

    The CKEditor plugin is one of the plugins that is having a jQuery issue/conflict with WP 3.5 so if you are using that editor plugin then you will have to deactivate it for now until the plugin author can release a new verion.

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    oops i see you already found out that it was your theme DOH!. Ok then you will need to contact your theme author to see if they have created a new version yet or a temporary fix that works with WP 3.5.

    Thanks 🙂 Yeah I just wanted to know what you thought, because my symptoms are exactly the same as the issues others are describing with BPS. I don’t want the developer to blame it on BPS…
    Thanks again!

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    Oh just to be absolutely 100% sure that BPS does not have anything at all to do with this please do these steps below – BPS has built-in troubleshooting so that you do not actually have to deactivate BPS like you would have to do for other plugins.

    1. Make a backup of your .htaccess files using BulletProof Security built-in Backup.
    2. Activate Default Mode on the Security Modes page.
    3. Use the Delete wp-admin .htaccess feature on the Security Modes page.
    4. Test your plugin or theme.
    5. Restore your .htaccess files using BulletProof Security built-in Restore.

    I went through the steps and the problems still persisted. I guess it really is my theme. Thanks again for the wonderful support 🙂



    It MAY NOT be your theme. I just had a client contact me about the same issues you were having. She is running Thesis 1.8.5. The problem was the BPS plugin not finding a file in the htaccess.

    I clicked the buttons to create/download/save a new htaccess file and now all is good.

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    @shan – Actually she eliminated that BPS had anything at all to do with the issue/problem by doing the troubleshooting steps above so in her case it is her Theme. And more specifically I suspect that the Theme has built-in/bundled plugins like a lot of Themes are doing these days and one of those bundled plugins uses jQuery. WP 3.5 made major changes to jQuery so this would be the first thing to look at.

    I think you’re exactly right. I assume the developer will fix it (he asked for my site url 19 hrs ago). More of his customers have posted about it. No worries.. I’m just glad this is not happening while we’re using the website. I’m still building and testing it (although it is live).

    He fixed it 🙂


    Care to share the new downloaded files?

    I have the same theme (Gaia), but when you go to the link, the page is no longer available. My website is broken on 3.5 as well.


    The theme has been discontinued. Aparently developers at themeforest can just decide to do that at any point in time.

    I had email contact with the developer and was supposed to let him know of any bugs. But after a 2 or 3 emails he just stopped responding. The theme was not working and useless and our project was halted for 6 weeks.

    I managed to get my money back from themeforest and purchased a new (and cheaper) theme (from a different developer) I am much happier with. Customer support is also much better. It’s called Avada:

    Good luck!!

    Okay, thanks for your help!

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