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  • bdd


    After submitting a payment via PayPal (using the WooCommerce PayPal Advanced extension, using the PayPal sandbox), I’m seeing a few problems — guidance/assistance on any of them appreciated.

    1. Items are not being removed from the cart (you’ve paid already, but upon return to the site they’re still in the cart).

    2. Upon return to the site, it’s not going to a page to say the order was completed — it’s just going to the homepage for the site, and the URL has all of the details about the order after the domain and “?wc-api=WC_Paypal_Advanced?”

    3. If you choose to pay via PayPal, and then cancel before completing the transaction (choosing the link to return to “Mr. Magorium’s wonder emporium” — which is hopefully a sandbox thing?) it sends you back to the page to choose a way to pay, NOT back to the site (as the link would have you believe it’s going to do?).

    4. Orders made and paid for (in sandbox mode) via PayPal show up in the Orders area in WooCommerce (marked as “pending”), but the credit card sandbox mode payments do not show up in the Orders area.


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  • Roy Ho


    Have you tried contacting the developer of this plugin? Perhaps you will get a better answer for this instead of posting it here.



    Yes, thanks, I have. Still waiting for a response.

    I thought someone in the forums might have run into a similar situation and could offer some insight.

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