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    Hi Keith i love your plugin its been a life saver over the years ..but i’m having issues with seeing lots of BAD responses with legitimate users in woocommerce trying to use the shop ..i’ve deactivated stop spammers so we don’t lose any sales …have you had any issues with woocommerce?

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  • The plugin conflicts with WooCommerce. WooCommerce uses some non-standard forms which confuse the plugin.
    If you use WooCommerce you should uninstall stop spammers.


    The version that I am now testing has an option to limit stop spammers to working on the native wordpress comments, logins and registrations. Other plugins that have their own forms submission are ignored. This will help with woocommerce people who still wish to let Stop Spammers protect the comments and the login attempts, but need form submissions for sales.

    I am testing the plugin at if you would like to download it.


    i truly believe your going to win with this plugin …been a fan for years and unless its changed you were the only one with the log so could manually block folks …anyway you deserve to become wealthy for building this thing ….. so this leads to my advice ….make it compatible with woocommerce ..woocommerce is the winner they aren’t going anywhere and i just got hit with 500 fake orders in one store that you could have probably stopped …why you would want to create fake orders with cash on delivery as payment method i dont know! ….i will keep checking this thread will you add a comment here if you do get it to be compatible ?

    Plugin Author Bryan Hadaway


    Actually, it does work with WooCommerce, and generally, protects your website as a whole, regardless of the theme or plugins used.

    Under the Protection Options page, make sure that you don’t have the “Only Use the Plugin for Standard WordPress Forms” option checked.

    Also, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. There’s been a new update since you first posted this topic.

    Beyond that, are there any obvious patterns that are unique to these spammers? That could help figure out a way to filter/block them.

    It works with some WooCommerce installations, however, the second chance captcha does not work with WooCommerce. The allow list request form doesn’t work with some WooCommerce configurations. Also the plugin will report most people using a proxy server as a spammer, which might not be acceptable for commerce sites.
    Part of the problem with WooCommerce is that it can take over many standard WordPress functions. Stop Spammers only works well on standard wordpress forms and can get cause problems on non standard forms pages.


    this plugin drives me crazy, my customer cannot checkout. I already follow the instruction above yet the same problem still exist, and the worst is it is still the same after I uninstall the plugin. I need help asap.

    Plugin Author Bryan Hadaway


    If Stop Spammers isn’t a good fit for your projects, you can try these free alternatives:

    Also, at this point, since the root of this issue actually begins with WooCommerce, it might be a good idea to contact their support, to see what advice they can offer on dealing with spam:


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