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    Hello I want to say from the outset I really like the idea of this news bar, however I am having one issue with it and thats displaying the tweets. I have tried putting in the twitter name, the full link to the twitter page and the still I get a messages not found error instead of the tweets. Hope you can help as this will be a great full addition to my clients site if I can get this bit to work

    Kind regards

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  • Im having the same problem.. any help would be great..

    Okay very disappointed there seems to be no support to this plugin…..

    DO this pasted below and it works fine

    Posted 3 months ago #

    Ok, I pretty much just Googled the RSS issue with Twitter and figured it out. Twitter changed their link to the RSS feed. You just need to change one line of code and the plugin will work fine.

    Go to your plugins folder > news-bar > includes > get-news.php

    Go to line #50, it should look like this:

    $messages = fetch_rss( ‘’ . $username . ‘.rss’ );

    You want to change it to this:

    $messages = fetch_rss( ‘’ . $username );

    New Twitter link and remove the “.rss” at the end. Here is the link to the dev forum where I found this:

    soadeathdealer – thank you for your input. I tried the code as you put it however it still says messages not found. I tried it with the .rss in and without it.

    Can I ask what do you mean by ‘New Twitter Link’ (sorry a little confused)

    BTW I also tried this: (and changed twitterapi to the name I needed it to be) as per the page you linked to from Twitter Dev – still nada.

    Also finding issues with the news feed also.

    Okay so this is my work around

    Change [username] to your username and display it in News Bar as a RSS Feed (it displays all tweets and retweets and mentions – best I can do)


    AND even better: – put that in the parr on News Bar where you would put your RSS Feed instead of Twitter name – change username to your twitter username and it works – by jingo it blooming well works!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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