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  • Resolved Diana


    Thank you for this useful plugin.

    I have set up your add-on plugin for permissions, installed MEMBERS plugin and created several users and several roles. The set up seems easy and straightforward 🙂

    ( )

    1. In case I want user to upload files, I need to activate the “upload_files” capability, and when I do that, the user can also see the “Multimedia” item in menu, and can upload files to Multimedia Library. Is possible to have a capability in order to let them upload documents but no upload to multimedia library?

    2. In order to view documents in category, and edit them, I have to activate the capability “read_private_documents”. What happens is the other users from other departments can see file, no edit, no download, but can see and try to download. I suppose the documents in other departments must be completely invisible.

    3. Also, seems I haven’t configured permissions correctly, because the owner of the file, except admin user, can’t download file. But I have checked everything…

    Can you please let me know what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you!!!

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  • Benjamin,
    Ive hit the same issue. I’ve confgure 2 taxonomy statuses rural and metro. I’ve toggled read private documents on and toggled read private documents in metro on but I can still see the entries for the rural documents although the permissions are working correctly in that I can’t open them to view them. Ideally users would see the metadata record only for those documents that they can also view them.
    This shows a couple of screenshots
    I’d be keen to know how big a job and hence the opportunity to share costs this might be.

    Best wishes

    Plugin Author Ben Balter


    1) the quick solution would be to hide the media menu, but they could theoretically still access it directly by the URL. You’d have to use the map_meta_cap filter (perhaps adding another capability and simply checking the current screen) to distinguish between the two contexts. Out of the box, neither core nor the plugin make the distinction.

    2) If the documents can be public, try making them public? If they cannot be public, I believe draft may solve this problem (and remove the capability). Again, you could also use map_meta_cap to add additional capability checks, specifically within the post list table, to prevent them from displaying at all.

    3) To clarify, so you can see the documents on the list, the document edit screen, or (download) the document itself?

    Also, there are a handful of other permissions plugins out there which may be worth trying out and experimenting with, which should work with the plugin.

    Thank you Ben for your reply.

    1) This is a minor problem. If they can see and upload multimedia files, it is not optimal, but they can’t publish them in site.

    2) Documents can’t be public. Documents must remain private completely. They have confidential data, and can’t be download by public, only by certain users. Did you mean that?

    3) I can see document in list, I can see edit screen, but when I try to download, I’m redirected to frontpage, and document can’t be found: 404 error. Maybe permalinks are not working fine, because files are uploaded to server (with a very strange name, which is good).

    About other plugins, which of these do you recommend?

    Members Plugin
    Role Scoper Plugin
    User Access Manager
    Advanced Access Manager
    User Role Editor

    I suppose JanRiv and me are able to pay you for this. I have also sent you an email.

    Looking forward your reply.

    Hey Guys,

    How did you go with this?

    I’m having a similar problem with the plugin. I’ve installed everything and assigned a department to a particular document. But other users within that Department (role) still can’t see the documents.

    I’d be happy to contribute to the $



    thinksoda, I asked a budget for this and it costs more or less $1800. The current plugin is not working fine and has the errors I have explained.

    By the way, this is not solved. If yes, please, let me know.

    Thank you all.

    Plugin Author Ben Balter


    This is a feature request that multiple users have asked for and I think it’s very worthwhile. I do not have time right now to build it out, but if anyone is interested, pull requests are always welcome. I’ve create an issue on GitHub to track the buildout of the feature, and will close this support forum for now.

    Hopefully we can get this feature added in shortly. Your use is at the core of what Document Revisions is about, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t support it better.

    In the mean, time. if there’s anything you’ve learned from your experience, please feel free to share it back.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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