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  • Hi,

    I’m using your plugin but I’m having problems after some updates. None of the subscriptions are working. I now have the Mailpoet feeds setup for all of my forms, one of which is on the link provided. However, a few strange details, some of which may be causing an issue?

    1) On all of my forms I collect a name but don’t collect a First/Last name, so I don’t have anything to feed into last name.

    2) Most of the forms on my site have a checkbox that asks if they want to be added to my main email list. I’m trying to add a feed to each form that subscribes people conditional on whether or not they click that checkbox. However, under the options for the conditions that appear there are each of the forms fields, including (checkbox), although (checkbox) is repeated 10 times for some reason.

    3) On the Mailpoet options I have it set to not require a email confirmation. Selecting or de-selecting the option to bypass email validation under the Mailpoet feed makes no difference in the form success at this point.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    We are looking into this issue. Thanks for reporting

    Thank you
    Tikweb Team


    1. If you don’t want to collect last name, simply don’t create that field. The plugin will work as expected.

    2. If you want to add a option so that people can conditionally join your main email list, please follow the steps:

    -add a “Mailpoet Subscribe” gravity field to your desire form.
    -expand that form
    -remove all the lists (minus button) except your main mail list
    -change the list label to “Yes” (or your preferred text)
    -make sure that there is no “Mailpoet Feeds” enabled from form settings > Mailpoet
    -save the form. Done

    Regarding repeating checkbox issue, I don’t see any repetition of the fields. Maybe some of your plugin conflicts with our plugin. However, simply remove the unnecessary repeated checkbox fields.

    3. I’ve tested several times and I found no problem on this issue. When you select “Email validation” option, subscriber will automatically subscribe without getting any email. However if you deselect this, subscriber should get an email and their subscription status will be unconfirmed unless they click the confirmation link within that email.

    Thank you
    Tikweb Team

    Thank you,

    I realize the issue that was happening now, which is much more specific.

    I have multiple different mailing lists for different purposes. One of the forms on my site is just to register for a list related with one specific group meeting (LIST 1), which I now do with a Mailpoet Feed. The other list is the general list and most of my web forms ask people if they want to sign up for it (LIST 2). Right now it seems like the Mailpoet form element works to register people for list 2 as long as they are completely new subscribers. However, if I test the forms with an email that is registered for another list, either List 1 or WordPress Users list, then the mailpoet gravity form element doesn’t register them for List 2.

    The opposite is not true. If someone is registered for List 2, then the Mailpoet Feed does successfully register them for List 1 as well. That is not a problem. The problem only relates to existing members of another list and trying to use the mailpoet form element.

    We are looking into the issue.

    Thank you
    Tikweb Team




    We have updated the plugin and fix those issues.

    Thank you
    Tikweb Team.

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