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  • I am using Astra theme, and really have a lot going on, on my site to tweak the speed score higher.

    I also am using WP Retina 2x Pro and WPBakery Page Builder.

    I’ve had issues with trying to get lazy loading working too, it seems to break the Revolution Slider also in the same way.

    I really would like to get this to work (more). This seems to work well with elements created in WPBakery Page Builder which also tends to break.

    Could those with more experience tell me if it is a better route that I should possibly tweak my minifying elsewhere to exclude this plugin somehow, or if I should just figure out how to exclude revolution slider from Responsify?

    It would be a benefit to use this with larger images and serve scaled images to different sized screens from Revolution slider, but maybe there are too many potential conflicts with Revolution Slider and I should separate it?

    If so, how should I do this? It could be a minifying issue, and I tried keeping CSS in order and some other options but it doesn’t seem to fix it.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Okay, turns out I can serve different image sizes to Revolution Slider via turning slides off and on different devices.

    So all I need to know is how to exclude Revolution slider from Responsify WP?

    All I can find that may fit this situation is to:

    “Ignored images
    There might be times when you simply don’t want RWP to do anything with an image. This can be achived by adding the rwp-not-responsive class to the image.”

    I guess I need to somehow apply this class all revolution slider images.

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    I am not a programmer, and on the user end, it would be really helpful if we could exclude images based on naming the images (like with Retina) and then something in the code, or additional code, would then automatically add in an exclusion.

    Like this, but it is beyond me to adapt it:

    Plugin Author stefanledin


    Hi skinny8!
    Mixing page builders and plugins is almost always a world of hurt I’m afraid. Each plugin has its own way of doing things and that leads to conflicts.

    As I understand it, you want RWP to ignore images in the revolution slider? There’s a lot of JavaScript errors going on in the console and the slider doesn’t seem to work at the moment. Are you sure that RWP affects the slider at all?

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    [ It seems to, was working before I installed/activated it. Granted, I’m also running minification and a number of optimation steps after on everything, so there are various layers of possible additional errors and worlds of hurt which may be going on too.

    Although Revolution slider seemed to break even with all or must of these cleared, just after activation. ]

    Page builders and Revolution slider have issues but are popular and useful for features and convenience in WP, as is WP itself over cleanly coding each page individually. There are tradeoffs for sure, but like with Retina.js and the @2x file naming convention, it would add a lot of convenience/value for not just me if the rwp-not-responsive class could be applied specifically on files named a certain a way, or to have that option in what seems like a great/useful plugin.

    I’m hearing document.querySelectorAll() and querySelectorAll could do something like this, and maybe I can hack together a sidecar JS somehow, but I don’t think I’d be the only person with this issue/need who is not a programmer, and it might be a logical step to making the already present rwp-not-responsive class easier to apply.

    Plugin Author stefanledin


    Okey, it looks like revolution slider yanks the src from an <img> with JS and then creates a <div> which has that image as background. What happens if you enable the “native mode” (turning off Picturefill) at the RWP settings page?

    Adding the rwp-not-responsive class with JavaScript won’t have any affect since RWP only does work server side. Thus should minification not be a problem for RWP either.

    Isn’t there a way in Revolution slider to add an class to the image?

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    Actually, in Revolution Slider there were several ways to bypass the issue. From kind of a protective mode if another JS was interfering to serving slides only on mobile or desktop thus getting at the root of my need/issue by dealing with those images separately.

    In the end though, I went for a boxed layout and have been letting Cloudinary take care of images, am aiming to have it take over retina.js functions too.

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