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  • My site is for my business. On my site I will have products using a cart plugin for people to purchase directly from my site. I will also have blog posts pertaining to the business and anything else I deem relevant. The two should not be the same.

    I don’t have any products up yet, but for some reason, when I tried to post a blog, it shows up like this:
    With cart stuff on it that shouldn’t be there.

    Also, on my home page, it shows up as a recent product:
    Which also shouldn’t be happening.

    I’ve tried to delete the cart plugin entirely just to have my regular blog for now, and it still looks like this. How am I supposed to separate blog posts from product posts? And how do I get rid of the cart app stuff on my blog when the cart doesn’t even exist on my page anymore?!

    I’m kind of freaking out here, because if this is happening with something so simple, how much harder is everything else going to be when I actually have product up. 🙁

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