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  • Hello,

    I’m very new to WordPress, but I’ve been working on creating a website for my little start-up business I’m looking into starting. I know if you look at my website you’ll see that it’s very oddly set up. I wanted to be able to seriously edit the way each different page looked, and because of my limited CSS knowledge, I did it the only way I could easily. So, pretty much all my pages are only going to be background images that I create for each page, since I really don’t need for it to be interactive at all.

    However, I have been having a few problems that I’d like to ask for a hand with if that’s possible. I have the main page set up to be static and the post to go to the ‘Contact Me’ page. The reason I want it this way, is because I want this area to be the only section with interactive areas–such as links, email, and such.

    I have two problems with this at the moment. First, I’ve been using Google Chrome to preview my website, and I only just checked with Explorer and Firefox and found that the background for the Contact Me page doesn’t show up–it’s just a white background. I can get it to show up in Explorer if I click the Compatibility View but Firefox shows nothing. All other backgrounds work. Is there something I can do to make it compatible with all browsers? The code that works to place the background in Chrome is:

    body {
    	background: url(../../../images/Simplebackground.jpg);
    	height: 1350px;

    Also, my second question, is where should I edit (and what are the best codes to use) to rearrange where the post shows up on a page. Such it’s width and height, how far over to the left/right it is, where it’s title is compared to the body, ect. I’m sorry I know I should be able to figure that bit out, but I’ve been having some issues.

    I know I have a very odd format for a blogging site, but I’d had some experience with WordPress and thought it would suit me best–then I started editing more than I was planning to. Still works well for what I’m wanting.

    I really appreciate any input someone can give, thank you so much for taking the time to read!

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