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    I have a subdomain network with several subsites that use PayPal, and each of these subsites has their own mapped domain. I am NOT using my own SSLs on this network, only the host’s server certificate.

    A few weeks ago, I got messages from a PayPal-related plugin on one site that the server was not using an upgraded SHA-256 SSL encryption. After much go-around with hosting support, it is clear that the server IS using an SHA-256 cert. AND, if I do a check on the main site in the network, it shows the host using SHA-256 algorithm. I am not having this issue on any of the standalone installs on the same server.

    I am getting emails from PayPal however, that indicate that PayPal is NOT seeing SHA-256 encryption on the mapped domain. I’ve used a couple of different SHA-checkers, and most are showing the SHA-256, but at least one is not (

    I have an email in to PayPal escalated technical support, but I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is something related to the domain mapping causing this, and/or if there might be a way (through htaccess, maybe?) to work around and make sure PayPal “sees” the SHA-256 that is running.

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