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  • Hello there,

    I am attempting to make a page template to display a category of post. Simple. However I am having issue getting the pagination to work correctly. I was finally able to get it displayed, but when you click to go to the next page it just show the same page.

    I am not exactly sure where I went wrong.

    Here is the source for the page:

    Link to the page:

    Keep in mind this is a page template, not a standalone category template. The original category template looks like this:

    However I am attempting to make just a list for certain categories:

    I hope I explained my issue well enough, all help is appreciated and thank you in advance! If I need to supply anything else lemme know! =)

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  • check out

    You need to adjust your query to allow for paging

    @ Rev. Voodoo: Much Thanks! That did it!

    Good stuff! Glad you got it!!

    This helped me fix the same issue on a site I’m working on as well.

    Perfect timing for this post – thank you for the help!

    Good post, and good answers! But I still can’t get my pagination to work..

    My homepage is set up to be a page with a template. The template serves the following:

    At the top, with a query that looks for posts with “featured” tagged to them. This query shows the 6 latest featuerd posts.

    After that I’ve got the second query that shows all posts that does not carrie the tag “featured”. So, this is the loop I want to paginate. And if possible it would be nice to remove the “featured” slider on the pagination.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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