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Issues with new version of Add Gen Gallery

  • Just recently I was having issues with my contact forwarding messages slowly. So I contacted to find out what I could do about it. I took many suggestions and applied them all which did in fact fix the problem. Only problem now is…one of the suggestions was to update all the plugins and it loaded a new version of Add/Gen gallery to my pages for uploading. It hasn’t worked properly and I’ve had issues getting the uploads to show up in the designated galleries.
    Long story short there are other issues to when putting the pics on my pages other photos show up and I can’t remove them, all I do is refrain from saving. Is there a way to still get back an older version of the Add gen gallery that I’m familiar with or is it a one of those “you must” type of updates. Also looking for anyone in here in the upstate NY area who can offer help/on an as needed basis with services for troubleshooting. Kris

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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