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  • Hi everyone,

    Hoping someone can help me as I feel like I’ve tried everything and stil not sure what’s going on. Since late last week, everytime I go to make a new post, a whole heap of content is missing from my metaboxes and also just generally from the page. The following plug ins and wordpress tools are not showing (they are there but the drop down is completely blank:

    – Yoast premium
    – Social Warefare Pro
    – Post format Data
    – Yoast internal linking

    I should mention as well that when I try to add a link to my text, the page freezes and I have to refresh. It also won’t let me click the toggle button on the pop up to select the option to click to open in a new window.

    I have contacted my host, Yoast Support and Social Warefare and have tried the following:
    – Removing all plug ins and my theme and readding the plug ins one by one. It didn’t fix the issue but in the test environment social warefare did appear correctly.
    – Checked in multiple browsers and on more than one computer
    – My host has gone through my code and backups and ensured everything is right but said it could be a database issue but one they couldn’t explore

    I originally thought it was a plug in issue but since it seems to be impacting functionality on the links and some of the metaboxes from WordPress I am wondering if this is actually an issue with my WordPress? I am using the classic editor.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I see an Nginx box. You’re on Hostgator so that’s probably a proxy server. If you have the ability I’d like for you to flush that cache. There may be a cache button on your WordPress dashboard or your hosting control panel.

    From your timeline mentioned above, I’m wondering if the theme didn’t get updated last week. Or maybe a plugin.

    I’d like for you to swap out the theme for a generic theme like Twenty Seventeen temporarily. Your theme jerks and bumps around and I can’t figure out why. If there’s an update available on that theme then you can try the update first. Sometimes an update begets another update… sometimes that happens several times

    Also, you have a broken link in your social buttons for the email button. It shows ‘****emailaddressredacted****’ should be ‘mailto:’ instead of the web address and then the actual email address.

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