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  • Hello,

    The reason I’m writing a new thread is beacause I can’t seem to find the answers for the problems I’m having (or maybe I just can’t understand them :/ ). I’ll try to explain the issue to the best of my knowledge…

    I have updated wp-config.php with the required configuratio, created the .htaccess file and configured multisite (I followed these instructions: ). Also, during setup I have chosen to use sub-domains.

    Now, being a n00b at all this, I thought all I had to do was create sub-domains ( and, since I’m working on a multi-language site), and then WP would automagically install itself there as well (now I realize it souds pretty silly). So, seeing that didn’t work, I manually installed WP in the sub-domains as well (I’m not sure it’s the correct way to do things, but I couldn’t find any info and it seemed like a logical thing to do, please correct me if I’m wrong) and linked the new installations to the same DB as the main site (my plan only allows one DB). So, I have WP installed in my site and its two sub-domains (I updated wp.config.php and .htaccess with the same info as the main site, because they seemed not to “see” each other, is that correct?). Initially, everything seemed to work fine, as I was editing only the main site, but when I switched to sub-domains I started encountering problems. Themes are not visible (even if network-enabled) and plugins aren’t working: plugins I had uninstalled from the network were still present, and plugins I had installed were not (the error message said something like “The plugin was de-activated because it wasn’t found). I’ve tried manually installing the plugins in the sub-domains, but I’ve encountered even more problems, which I guess is because things need to be done network-wide.


    1) Do i need to manually install WP in each sub-directory? Did I do thing correctly?

    2) Do i the update wp.config and .htaccess in the sub-directories as well?

    3) Why am I having these sort of problems with themes and plugins?

    Feel free to ask about anything you need me to clarify.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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