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  • Oh, and as I try to register a new user it is registered in WP, but the user integration appears to be broken and I get a blank page loaded with the message shown above.

    admin.php?page=wpu-user-mapper returned: Error: Invalid XML: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare validate_email() (previously declared in /storage/content/84/104584/ in storage/content/84/104584/ on line 1749

    Trying it with some updated settings for mail in WP I now get the following when I try to register.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare validate_email() in /storage/content/84/104584/ on line 1699

    Again, the user is created in WP, but not in the forum.

    Ok, this is a conflict with the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin. With it disabled, login integration seems to work properly. This is unfortunate, as I seem to be having other issues with user registrations not being sent out without this plugin.

    Seems to work alright with to work alright with the plugin Configure SMTP though, so I am switching to that for sending the email instead.

    Plugin Author jhong



    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Yes, it is a collision between two functions that are named the same in both WP-Mail-SMTP and phpBB. Unfortunately the error isn’t in phpBB.

    It’s not great coding practice on the part of both phpBB and the plugin unfortunately — functions really should be namespaced — e.g. phpbb_validate_email or wpmail_validate_email. Unfortunately WP-United just sits in the middle.

    I’ll contact the author of that plugin to let them know… maybe they will update it for a future version.

    Also, I’ll mark this topic as resolved, but please do let me know if you need anything else.


    Plugin Author jhong


    Thanks! I appreciate it! I have posted some other questions on your forum regarding css and a particular theme also, and I would very much appreciate your help there.

    Again, thanks for a really great plugin!

    Plugin Author jhong


    No worries.

    Just an addendum to my previous post in case people visit in the future. When I typed “The error isn’t in phpBB”, I meant to say: “The error isn’t in WP-United”. 🙂

    Hey guys,

    I am having the exact problem you were Roger…

    I have added

    “<dt>{postrow.PROFILE_FIELD1_NAME}:</dt> <dd>{postrow.PROFILE_FIELD1_VALUE}</dd>
    <!– ENDIF –>”

    manually to the file just as you did. However it still acted as though the problem was not fixed.

    This is the only error stopping me from installing properly, how did you fix it?!? Thank you!!

    Well, assuming we had the same problems as described above, then the fix for me was replacing WP-SMTP with another plugin. I also had to make some changes to the css of both the forum and WP, although those changes aren’t perfect yet, especially not for different screen resolutions.

    Also, note that what you should add is:

    <!-- IF U_BLOG_LINK -->
             <dt>{L_BLOG}:</dt> <dd><a href="{U_BLOG_LINK}" title="{L_VISIT_BLOG}" >{L_VISIT_BLOG}</a></dd>
          <!-- ENDIF -->

    For me, the place where it should be added seems to have been a bit different, so I added it after

    <dt>{postrow.PROFILE_FIELD1_NAME}:</dt> <dd>{postrow.PROFILE_FIELD1_VALUE}</dd>
          <!-- ENDIF -->
Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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