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    I got a few issues while trying to implement your testimonials shortcode on my homepage.
    If you view my page currently (scroll right down below), I have adding the code [testimonialswidget_list]. I like this code, but I keeps adding every testimonial that I load. Isn’t there a way to limit the number of testimonials that are shown and they just keep getting rotated?

    and when I use your other shortcode (the one for the widget), it gives me single testimonial with random shuffle.. well that somewhat works too but it changes the font size of the testimonial. As you can see right now, its bold and green. it then turns to simple text font.

    And now a couple problems about adding the image:

    a) how exactly do I add the image? I tried to feature images, but that doesn’t resize the pic per the widget’s need. it just adds it in, ruining the proportions of the page.

    b) as you can see in one of the testimonials here, if a image is somewhat transparent (png), there appears a big ‘quotation mark’ behind the image. Why is that? and if i want to remove the image completely for those i dont have a pic of and just have this big quotation mark showing, how do it do that?

    I tried going over your knowledge base, previous questions and FAQs, but didn’t quite get my answer. Appreciate your prompt support! thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Michael Cannon



    Sounds like you need to check out the possible shortcode options to limit your display to just a few testimonials. Further, you could use categories or tags to group them on a per section or page basis.

    Images go into the featured image section of the testimonials edit page.

    Search the FAQ and API for “image size”. You’ll get lucky.

    Your green theme colors the text. Read a few of the recent support entries to get CSS on how to adjust for your needs.

    Green text via Inspect Element

    blockquote p {
    color: #3E8B1B;

    Hi Michael

    I don’t really know coding and all, so that won’t do me any good :/.
    Can you just guide me a little more on the tags/category thing, about how I can use them to limit the number of testimonials that show up?


    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Please check out Shortcode Examples on for how to limit the number of testimonials.

    For the green, to get rid of it, add to your theme’s style.css, at the bottom, the following.

    .testimonials-widget-testimonial blockquote p {
    color: #000;

    That’ll turn the text black. Change #000 to another color hex code to pick a different color.

    On image size, see

    Please let me know specifically what you need further to resolve this issue.

    Hi Michael

    Its not the green that’s the problem, I actually want it to be green. but I am trying to get those testimonials to display in a list but I want just 4 of them to show up and then keep shuffling. how to make that possible?

    And you didn’t tell me about this problem:
    Q) As you can see in one of the testimonials here, if a image is somewhat transparent (png), there appears a big ‘quotation mark’ behind the image. Why is that? and if i want to remove the image completely for those i don’t have a pic of and just have this big quotation mark showing, how do it do that?

    And about the image size, according to the link you provided, is fixed in the functions file. however that is not the case here, my image size varies with the size of the image i upload in the ‘featured’ image of that testimonial.. whats up with that? all i actually want them are to be fixed and standardised.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon



    1. If you want 4 stacked testimoinals and rotating, the I suggest you use a tag or category to pull each of them from a separate group. Otherwise you’ll get duplicates unless you purchase the premium version which offers caching and duplicate prevention.

    2. What’s the URL of the page where testimonials with images or question mark are shown?

    3. The filter helps establish a maximum size. If you want to play further, you can scale the image via CSS.

    Get me a response to #2 and I can help with #2 and #3 probably.

    1. okay so like i have two tags now ‘tag1’ and ‘tag2’, they both have 4 testimonials each.. how do i instruct the code to keep picking from both the tags separately?

    2. Here’s the URL check the bottom right of the page.

    3. when you go on that url, check the testimonial by christopher, the size of the image on that is what I’d prefer best .

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    1. If you want 4 blocks, then create 4 tags and set them via the shortcode or widget options as shown on and the screenshots. Then set the limit to 1.

    2. Be careful with having that leading quote on the testimonials. It’s only showing when the image background is transparent.

    3. The image sizes are funky probably because the original sizes are smaller than the dimensions you’ve requested or have stated in your WP Admin > Settings > Media > Thumbnails.

    WordPress only scales images down to be smaller, than larger.

    4. I’m not seeing the question marks. Further, the time a question mark would be shown from how I’ve coded things is if an image was loaded but then removed.

    not a question mark.. its a quotation mark, behind the partially transparent image.

    i still dont quite understand but let me work on the rotation option and see if i can get it right

    I wrote this ” [testimonialswidget_list category=product tags=widget limit=5]” from the examples as you suggested but it turned out the result ‘no testimonials found’ . why is that?

    but this code somehow seems to be a suitable alternative “[testimonialswidget_list char_limit=0 target=_new limit=3 disable_quotes=true]”

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Ah… the quotation mark is from your CSS. Use Inspect Element and click through the various HTML blocks to to figure out where it’s coming from. I’d suspect blockquote.

    Are there testimonials with category product and tag widget applied? These things are AND basis, not ANY.

    What help do you need further?

    okay i guess i have everything straight now.. thanks a lot of hanging around for support!
    the image size isn’t quite reducing all that much though, but I noticed its also the alignment that’s out, if you see the image with ‘R writers’ it is a little to the left and so is its testimonial, compared to the others..

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    You might try specifying a smaller image size via CSS to get more consistency.

    However, as you can tell from my own testimonials listing at, I can’t always get good quality right sized images. Therefore, I just don’t worry about it anymore.

    You can use to help with cutting and cropping of images. I know it’s older, but I like it.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Looks like is new image cutter, cropper, etc.

    hey thanks man, i’ll check it out .

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