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  • Hey, I am using this Flowplayer plugin for live streaming only.

    To explain my issues we will use these madeup links for clear understanding.
    All of these are coming from a CDN that supports livestreaming. (apple)
    rtmp:// (flash)
    rtsp:// (android)

    I have checked the forums and haven’t found answers for some of these issues.

    1. When only playing HLS there is a error “hlsjs: Video file not found” how do you resolve this issue to play only HLS without RTMP.

    2. When live stream is playing, the player UI shows 00:00 or numbers instead of “live”.

    3. The live stream does not play on android/samsung phones even with HLS and RTMP added to player. I have a RTSP file which is for android support, does the player support this?

    4. Is it possible to completely change the player skin and customize it? In the settings there is a option to insert url for skin. What kind of file do you insert here, how do you create a skin?

    Thank you in advance,

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  • the hlsjs error is most likely caused by missing CORS headers from your server. See for details. If you can’t set them, disable the hlsjs plugin in the Configuration tab of the video post. There is also an option to set the stream as “live” which should get rid of the 0:00 .

    Wrt. Android: not all Android browsers support HLS, with hlsjs you should be able to play it in the majority of current browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin) though. If it does not work after fixing the CORS issue, please provide a link to a real test page.

    You cannot play rtsp in html5 video tags, so the player does not recognize it as a valid fallback. You could offer a simple to it though; rtsp will open in the Andorid mediaplayer anyway.

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