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  1. easilyamused
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    I am developing a web page that requires forms to allow people to post events which are moderated by an administrator. These forms are created to be templates for pages. Now, most of these forms work, but there is one particular form that is giving me issues. All these pages are implemented using the action of "action="?page_id=<id of page>", and using POST as the method. The form that is giving me issues at the moment is a form that is linked to another form which allows the end user to preview all the information submitted in previous steps.

    The issue is when the page just previous to the reviewing page is sumbitted, the next page displays "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria." If you refresh the page though, it will correctly pull up the reviewing page (of course, sans the inputted form data). Also, the page is viewable by either manually entering in the url, or clicking on "view page" in the administration section of the site. The pages are published, and do not seem to have any PHP/HTML errors. Am I doing something incorrectly that would cause this issue?

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