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  • Hello,

    Having some problems with my swf showing up on every page of my website. It only appears on the index.php for some reason. I’m using the WP-SWFObject in the footer so he should be on every page. When I view my source code he appears to be on every page. I even tried with a different swf with just a box on it and same thing. Any help would be highly appreciated. We’ve been trying to solve this for hours, trying several things and nothing seems to work. Here is the page

    He only appears hear and nowhere else throughout the site.

    Please Help.



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  • Looks like it maybe your links…

    you have ‘swfobject.embedSWF(“MooseToolTip.swf” …..)’ thats a relative link to one page, but when you change pages you get a different link in the address bar… so I’m guessing you’ve used permalinks?

    Try putting in an absolute link to the file?

    I put in the absolute link and it is even worse now the swf doesnt even show up on the index.php, take a look…

    Flash and WordPress just dont work together to well.

    Any other ideas would be great!

    This is what my footer code is now with the absolute link…

    <div id="footer">
    <?php wp_swfobject_echo("", "600", "400"); ?>
    <!-- footer --></div>
    <!-- wrapper --></div>

    Well it was more to elimitate the obvious, if it doesnt work remove it ^^

    I know exactly how you feel I’m always having problems with wordpress and flash… out of about 6 sites only 1 worked!

    However… the link you put in is NOT the absolute link to the file as far as I can tell… unless you dont have your flash in the theme folder?

    if its in the theme folder you need /wp-content/themes/yourthemename/MooseToolTip.swf

    I don’t have my Flash in the theme folder. Does it need to be?

    … just tried that and no luck with it, this is very frustrating.

    Doesn’t need to be but I tend to keep everything going on the site in my themes folder…

    I suggest putting the code back to how it worked with the home page for now. To be honest I cannot see why its not working, we’ve had the exact same problem on one of our sites and I’ve had no luck fixing it…

    Same kinda thing as you, it has permalinks set up… without permalinks it worked fine, so its something to do with how they are set up.

    Is you’re site going to get any bigger or is just the pages you have currently? If so… try removing your permalinks (note how you set them up of course) and see if it works without them… if the site works fine, then you’ve confirmed the problem. If not put the permas back in. If however it does then work on all pages, and you’re site isnt going to get very much bigger. You could .htaccess rewrite the urls back to being pretty 🙂

    Well the site will be growing and yes it is permalinks that cause it once I go back to default everything works.

    Is it very difficult to solve this problem and still have permalinks especially if the site is continually growing or am I stuck without permalinks?



    Personally I never build a site with permalinks. They’re my personal nightmare…

    I’m not sure how else to fix it… it seems to be the biggest flaw in wordpress.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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