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    Hi! I’m trying to move to GoDaddy and am running into issues. I get to the Successpage but then get this:

    mysqli_query() [function.mysqli-query]: Empty query in /home/content/j/p/o/jpolk/html/dup2/install.php on line 731

    Additionally no pages will load. I’ve submitted a ticket but thought I’d try here as well for any that may have the same issue.


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  • Looking forward to hear the response you got from goDaddy as well as any progress you have made with this issue.

    I did a manual install faster than I could figure it out. =(

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    If anyone has a temporary location on GoDaddy that I can work. I’ll try to perform a local install and see what the issues are on their servers.

    Just submit a support ticket and I’ll do a round to round test… Most likely a permissions error.

    Katrock – By “manual install” I assume you mean copy & pasting everything? Did you have a chance to read through lifeinthegrid’s extensive documentation? Of course immediately after posting I came across it (either lack of sleep or murphy’s law played a role in this)

    Oh and Mr. LifeintheGrid, major props to you and your work on Duplicator. Not to mention your plethora of hearty content via your site. My arsenal of tools just got that much more hardy.

    I rarely work with GoDaddy, that is if I can avoid it. If I had an account I would throw you a dummy site to test on. After reading through your documentation and digging around in your plugin, it would not surprise me if it was a permissions error as you stated.

    Oh yes, I feel like I looked through most everything. After a day of working on it I figured I needed to move to a method I knew would work. I’m with you..I avoid GoDaddy at all cost…for these very reasons. All is good now though. Just an awful day yesterday. =(

    Glad to hear that you got that over with. Not fun at all!



    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Katrock,

    Thanks for the kudos! Glad you were able to get some good stuff off the site. I definitely plan to keep some really good content coming. Right now I have been consumed with getting the plugin to work across the 10 million different hosting environments 🙂

    Once I get things in a solid state and the major todo items done I plan to start working on some other free products to share with the community. Let me know if you have any ideas for something…



    no problem, kudos and “pay with a tweet” does no justice. I will definitely look forward to that content, as well as your latest developments. The task of ensuring that your plugin will work across the vast number of hosting environments sounds like a huge feat.

    Thanks for offering a open channel for ideas. I connected with you via your newsletter subscription sign up and look forward to network with you further. Thanks again.


    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Awesome! Looking forward to it…

    If I may bring this topic up how did the OP resolve this issue? I have been faced with the same error as well. I’d like to know how to get around this rather than manually moving the website. I am not using Godaddy hosting I am using a linux server.


    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    This issue may be resolved on the developer line. Currently looking into the issue…

    Just wanted to report that I was able to duplicate a site from local to Godaddy server with no issues.

    Lifeinthegrind, your Duplicator is awesome. Thank you for all your hard work making it.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Thanks Yumiko! I’m hoping over time it will get more solid across all the various hosts…


    I’d be interested in how you got it to work?

    I get the message “Package cannot be found”



    ^^ I think you should check the permissions for WP-Snapshots folder. It is found on your WordPress root. At least 777 is needed. (I think)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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