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  • Hello Members,
    I am looking for help

    This issue could be more to do with how my wordpress website interacts with my machine. It seems to be PERMANENTLY CACHED from the last time I updated it. I have cleared all caches and cookies from all of my browsers. I have even used a function built into Kaspersky antivirus to clear all cookies, even flash-based ones and MMEcache. I have literally done everything to try and get my site to update to the latest version, but it just won’t.

    Like I said, this problem is specific to the two machines that I am using for development. Other computers are showing the website as it looks. Anyone who could point me towards what I am missing?

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  • doesnt look like a client-side issue to me. errors like these stops the page from loading completely and you will find it showing up differently sometimes.
    Notice: wpdb::escape is deprecated since version 3.6! Use wpdb::prepare() or esc_sql() instead. in /hermes/bosoraweb016/b193/ipg.andikawriterscom/KenyanPridespot/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2900
    so upgrade to 3.8, patch up your theme and fix errors and things should be good.

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