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  • I am having a couple of issues with wordpress. If anyone can help with any or all please do. I will order in what problems I experienced first to get to the stage I am at now.

    1. I disabled maintenance mode to view the site publically and it took me to the ‘my account page’ instead of the home page. Went back into wordpress I went back into maintenance mode and #2 happened

    2. When I click on ‘Visit Site’ in top left of wordpress I am taken to my splash page instead of the site page for me to review.

    3. I decided to work on problem #2 after finalising my product list and then had the problem of being logged out constantly. This now means that I cant save anything I do.

    I need to work on issue #3 first but if any one has knowledge of #2 and #1 I will need help with them as well.

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  • Do you have the same issues if you switch to Twenty Twelve theme with all plugins deactivated?

    Hi, Just switched themes and although i still get kicked out easily i can now visit my site and make changes. I have contacted my host about getting kicked out incase its a bluehost issue.

    How do make my installed theme work again, i wasnt aware that i changed anything to make it not work.


    actually i have realised that with all plugins deactivated i am not getting kicked out anymore either, but am when i go back to my theme

    To find out if any of the plugins is causing problems, activate them one by one and find out which one is problematic. Once you identify the plugin, you can delete it. Once you are sure that plugins are OK, you can try to revert to your installed theme. If it still causes any problems, it’s the theme that causes problems.

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